Regrettably we have to cancel the 2017 Phoenix Haunted Half. Permits with Mesa City seemed secure and on schedule until 3 weeks ago. We don’t understand the logistics or the reasoning but on the last week of August, a city official who had not been present at any of the previous meetings we had in June and July, decided having a race in the city had too big of an impact on residents in the northern end of Mesa.

This blindsided us because the course had been discussed, refined and approved over previous 3 months.¬†Since we were almost finished with the permit process, police services, transportation etc. This was unexpected and a huge disappointment to many. We submitted 5 new course options in Mesa and surrounding areas since, hoping to keep this race alive and allow our runners the opportunity to participate in an event that is dear to us! We recently received word, that none of our other course options will work. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and short notice. We know you’ve been training and looking forward to this event.

We are working on a solution to provide something more than just a refund. We will have an option to transfer to another Runtastic Event as well as a possibility for a virtual race and/or a voucher.

We will be sending an email to all participants from

Please make sure to either add our email to your mailing/contact list so it does not get filtered to spam or promotions. Thank You.


If yo would like to see a race in Mesa please sign the below petition:



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