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2012 Haunted Half Finisher Medal

The Haunted Half Marathon, 5K & Kid’s Loop


October 25, 2014

It’s Emigration Canyon’s Haunted Half Marathon 2014!!!

Grab your friends and your Halloween Costumes and get ready for the run of your lives! The Haunted Half is one of the most exciting Utah Half Marathons in 2013 this year!

What?  The 2014 Haunted Half Marathon is a unique party run that brings together runners and volunteers for 13.1 miles full of candy, fun, and entertainment! Run stops offer more than water—you can enjoy fun activities like apple bobbing, doughnut eating, trick or treating, and other surprises. But don’t worry—no monsters will be jumping out and scaring you while you run (like they do at the Corn Maze), but do be prepared for some fun spooks to keep the smile on your face and the adrenaline in your muscles.

Winners will be rewarded with an awe-inspiring trophy and the chance to demolish a pumpkin with the tool of their choice. Delicious finish line food and exceptional entertainment are sure to make this one of the best Halloween Half Marathons you’ll ever have the opportunity to run in.

Who? You, Your friends, and the tons of other costumed runners who will be participating this year. You’ll be running with ghouls and goblins, witches and zombies, Harry Potters, Freddy Kruegers, and axe murderers. Hopefully there will be a few super heroes to keep you safe or sweep you off your feet.  To get a sense of who’s coming, like the Haunted Half on Facebook!  Can’t run for some reason? You can still be involved as a volunteer and have fun at stop booth. If you’d like to run but don’t want to run 13 miles, sign up for our 5k or Kids’ Loop.

Where? Our Halloween Half starts in Emigration Canyon and ends at Memory Grove Park (Salt Lake Area). Running in the Haunted Half Marathon will take you 13.1 miles down a gradual descent of 1,400 feet.  The route meanders past three spooky graveyards and will end near the capitol building.

When?  This year, the Haunted Half Marathon will start at 9:00 AM. Shuttles from the capitol building (where parking is located) will deliver racers to the beginning of the race starting at 6:15 AM with the last bus leaving at 7:30 AM.

Why? …uh, why not? If you love running, Halloween, meeting other people, and having a ball, the Haunted Half is definitely one of the best Utah Half Marathons in 2013– you won’t want to miss it.

How? Get started by registering so you can start thinking about finding a costume that won’t chafe! Registering today ensures that you’ll receive the whole half marathon package, including:  entrance to the race, chip Timing, a long sleeve tech shirt, gloves, and a finisher medal. Make sure to tell your friends, like us on Facebook, and get ready to run!



Kick off Halloween right with Utah's Haunted Half Marathon


You’re crouching low in the darkness– all is still but your pounding heart. “Run for Your Lives!” shouts a weakened, raspy voice from behind you. A shrill, unearthly cry sounds in the distance and your legs jerk your body away from the spot you stand, the fear and adrenaline coursing through your veins and pumping your legs. Something has been unleashed, something is coming. It’s out to get you, and you’re terrified you will only be able to go so far before it catches up with you…