Assisted Athletes


Runtastic encourages people of all abilities to participate in Runtastic Events. An “Assisted Athlete” is one who cannot participate in a Runtastic Event by themselves and needs the help of another known as a “Pusher”. For this reason, Runtastic has created an “Assisted Athlete” Category with the following policy:


  1. Assisted Athlete and Pusher will both receive Bib Numbers, Packets and Shirts. Upon Finishing each will receive a Finisher Medal.
  2. Assisted Athlete and the Pusher will be placed together into an “Assisted Athlete” category.
  3. Assisted Athlete and Pusher are together eligible for awards within an Assisted Athlete category.
  4. The award is a single shared award presented to the Assisted Athlete and then to the Pusher if the Assisted Athlete is not physically capable of accepting the award.
  5. Assisted Athlete and Pusher are not eligible for Overall Awards or age group awards.
  6. Following USATF rules and regulations, Pusher is considered “aided” as they are not running the event completely free of any devices and therefore are participating and not competing in the Runtastic Event and therefore are not eligible for overall or individual age group awards.


  1. The Pusher is required to pay current Full Price for entry into a Runtastic Event.
  2. The Assisted Athlete is required to pay current Half Price for entry into a Runtastic Event.


  1. Register the Pusher.
  2. Email us at [email protected] to get the half off code for the Assisted Athlete.
  3. Include in the email the following:
    • Full name of the Assisted Athlete.
    • Full name of the Pusher.
    • Pusher registration confirmation number